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Explore Kid-Friendly Maryland: Your Ultimate Family Fun Guide

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The great state of Maryland has plenty of family-friendly activities for everyone to enjoy. From exploring museums to getting outside and experiencing nature, this comprehensive guide has got you covered. Discover Charm City’s kid-approved attractions, enjoy the great outdoors, experience history, get creative and crafty, and scream for ice cream! So let’s dive in and explore all that Maryland has to offer.

Explore the Charm City

Maryland is a state packed with family-friendly attractions and activities to enjoy with kids. Let’s explore some of the top attractions in Maryland for kids. Baltimore, also known as the Charm City, is packed with exciting things to see and do with kids.

The Maryland Science Center is a perfect place to have fun and learn at the same time. From dinosaur skeletons to interactive exhibits, the Science Center is a must-visit attraction for young scientists. Another awesome spot in Baltimore is the Port Discovery Children’s Museum. Kids can use their imaginations in exhibits like Tiny’s Diner or explore ancient Egypt in the Adventure Expeditions exhibit.

Don’t miss out on a trip to the National Aquarium, home to over 20,000 marine animals. Watch dolphins flip and engage with sharks in the Shark Alley exhibit. For those seeking outdoor activities, Patterson Park is a treasure for families. With playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas, there’s something for everyone in the family. Lastly, spend a fun-filled day at the Maryland Zoo, which features over 200 species of animals. Maryland’s Charm City has it all.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Are you ready to lace up your hiking boots and embark on an adventure with your family? Maryland has plenty of options for you to enjoy the great outdoors! Assateague Island State Park offers sandy beaches, sand dunes, and even wild ponies! Take a walk along the shore, build sandcastles as a family or hike up one of the nature trails. You won’t be disappointed.

Deep Creek Lake State Park is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Rent a kayak, a paddleboard or go fishing in the clear waters of the lake. You can also take in the scenic views of the surrounding mountains while hiking on nearby trails. Gunpowder Falls State Park is a great place for a family picnic with numerous picnic spots and scenic landscapes. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore the park’s rugged terrain and enjoy activities such as hiking, fishing, and even tubing.

Cunningham Falls State Park, located in the picturesque Catoctin Mountains, is a popular spot for hiking and swimming beneath the waterfall. You can make a day of it and enjoy a picnic in one of the many designated areas. Rocky Gap State Park is perfect for a quiet getaway, with its stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and tranquil lake. Enjoy swimming, boating or fishing in the crystal-clear water or take a hike with your family and be surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. With so many options for outdoor adventures, Maryland is a great destination to enjoy some quality family time. Remember, the best memories are made when you are out in nature, so get out there and start exploring!

Experience the History

Are you ready to dive into some fascinating history? Maryland is home to a plethora of historic sites that offer a glimpse into the past. First up, we have Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, the birthplace of the US national anthem. Take a guided tour of the fort and learn about the War of 1812. The highlight of your tour would be the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write our national anthem.

Just an hour’s drive from Fort McHenry is the Antietam National Battlefield, the site of one of the deadliest battles of the Civil War. Imagine walking on the same battlefield where the Union and Confederate soldiers fought valiantly for their beliefs. From the Cornfield to the Burnside Bridge, every part of the battlefield has a story to tell. If you’re in the mood for something more serene, how about a visit to Hampton National Historic Site? Explore the beautiful Georgian mansion and its gardens while learning about the lives of the Ridgely family, one of Maryland’s most influential families of the 19th century.

For those who are interested in the state’s political heritage, check out the Maryland State House, which is the oldest state capitol in continuous legislative use. You can take a tour of the stunning dome and see the Old Senate Chamber, where George Washington resigned his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army in 1783. Finally, we have the Annapolis Maritime Museum, where you can learn about the state’s seafaring heritage. The museum has interactive exhibits and a collection of artifacts that tell the story of the Chesapeake Bay.

Get Creative and Crafty Get Creative and Crafty

If you and your family are looking for some hands-on activities, then Maryland has got you covered. With a wide array of craft and art studios, you will undoubtedly find something for everyone. For art lovers, check out the Bazaart: Baltimore Craft Art Fair, featuring local artists with their unique and original creations.

The art museum enthusiasts should not miss The Walters Art Museum, which showcases a vast collection of world art from pre-dynastic Egypt to 20th-century Europe. If art and history are of equal importance, pay a visit to the American Visionary Art Museum, which displays some of the self-taught artist’s most incredible works. For those who want to get their hands dirty, head to The Pottery Stop, where you can create your handmade pottery masterpiece.

If you’re in the Annapolis area, then AR Workshop Annapolis is a perfect choice to put your artistic skills to the test. Maryland knows how to get creative, and it is evident in all the different options available. So be sure to plan a day of getting crafty during your family vacation in Maryland.

Scream for Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love a good ice cream? No one. And in Maryland, you have a plethora of options to choose from. First up, The Charmery, known for their unique ice cream flavors like Old Bay Caramel and Maryland Mud. It’s a perfect stop for anyone who likes to think outside the box.

Another popular option is The Cow, which offers homemade, small-batch ice cream. Fun fact: the shop was named after the two cows on the farm where the owner was raised.

For those in Western Maryland, Hoffman’s Ice Cream has been dishing out delicious scoops since 1947. And if you’re a coffee lover, The Red Bean in Annapolis serves up coffee-infused ice cream that will make your taste buds sing. In summary, whether you’re in the mood for classic flavors or experimental ones, Maryland has something to satisfy every ice cream craving. So grab a cone or a cup, and enjoy a sweet treat with your family.

After exploring the best family-friendly activities in Maryland, we hope you’ve noticed the abundance of attractions and adventures that await you and your kids. From the museums in Charm City to the great outdoors of the state parks, Maryland offers plenty of opportunities for learning, exploring, and creating memories with your family. Don’t forget to indulge in some ice cream and unleash your creativity through crafts. We hope this guide has been helpful, and we encourage you to continue discovering more kid-approved activities in Maryland. For more travel tips and inspiration, check out the rest of our blog posts!

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